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Political and legal analysis of fiscal debit in Brazil - for foreign investors

A feeling of perplexity overwhelms Brazilian and foreign businessmen, when they face the need to form a concept of fiscal liability, solve it or simply manage its existence. This work intends to provide the national and foreign observers with historical, cultural, scientific and jurisprudential parameters which should, within a scientifically drawn safety margin, allow effective decision making and strategic positioning.

Following this line of thought, the book is published in Portuguese as well as in English. The English version, meant for foreign investors, auditors and lawyers, will provide them with the necessary elements for running business, conducting legal representation in Brazil or simply formulating appraisals.
It begins with a historical analysis of the concepts that are originated in the Middle Ages, when the Rule of Law - and ensuing violations against it started to happen.

It then presents the Brazilian political and historical course, moving onward to an analysis of constitutional evolution and permanence of the General Law Principles. In addition, a scientific examination of constitutional legality and debasement of fiscal liability as means of political cohesion and parafiscal control is made. Towards the end, it presents legal forms of reducing these liabilities, which Brazilian High Courts have been documented interpreting and applying.

Extremely pertinent subjects in the Brazilian fiscal debt context are approached throughout the work, keeping constantly an eye on illegality, solutions, jurisprudence and laws.

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